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Online Boutique – Ecommerce – SCRM

The Longchamp Online Boutique is the 1st luxury brand Mini Program that was officially announced by WeChat, and Personalively was happy to be a part of this project!

Personalively brought the Longchamp vision to life. We now provide numerous on-going support services including e-commerce, personalization, pop-up stores, and O2O e-reservation platform management. The team over at Longchamp is extremely happy with their results with the mini program, and so are their customers!

Longchamp Paris - Staff Training

Staff Training – Training System – System Implementation

Based on the Saas staff straining system powered by Personalively, Longchamp Staff Training is an advanced
and customized version. Regional manager, store manager and sales associate, three roles are supported.
Besides multiple choice, fill-in question is more challenging.

Longchamp Paris - E-Reservations

E-Reservations – Customer ServiceĀ 

By connecting online fans to offline boutiques, not only does the Longchamp E-Reservation system get knock down the barriers between online and offline inventory, but it also merges the digital channels with brick and mortar stores. Do you struggle with connecting digital channels and physical stores? If so, contact Personalively today!

Longchamp Paris - ParisianING


Check out some photos from PGC and UGC involving the surrounding community by Longchamp.

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