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Customer Service

The main function of the Burberry Premium Service mini program is similar to an Apple Guinness Bar for the luxury retail environment. The mini program enables users to make appointments in Burberry boutiques, rather than waiting in a line and disrupting customer’s personal lives. Over 70% of offline purchases are influenced by searching for products online prior to a store visit. The mini program captures what we like to call the “Look Online, Shop Offline” customer.

The other function is the 1 on 1 customer service. In the customer’s view, it is a similar experience like other customer service chat environments. However, the major advantage is that the customer can work with the salesperson they are familiar with rather than any random person in the customer service center. 

Here is a scenario that we often encountered:

  • The customer made an appointment online to visit Burberry boutique.
  • The salesperson is awaiting the customers arrival in-store
  • After the customer's visit, they went on the mini program
  • The customer's questions were automatically forwarded to the salesperson that the customer met with in-store.
  • Customer's satisfaction is improved because their experience is personalized and their is more human connection throughout the process, something that is increasingly essential for premium retail brands.

Burberry Retail Internal Tools

Customer Service – Retail

This is the internal sales tool that store associates were able to use as part of the mini-program included in the Burberry 1 on 1 customer service system. If you have any questions about the internal sales tool’s capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us! A Personalively team member will be happy to help you out!

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